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Weekend beach getaway

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I like going to the beach yet I don’t normally go swimming . I just love being there.  When I got home tonight from a two-day beach getaway, I was feeling a little weird, not sure if I’m just tired or a little disappointed as I didn’t enjoy this trip that much.   

A friend and I organized this trip and i was looking forward to it. Got up really early on a Saturday  and was feeling excited to go the beach once again.  I wasnt expecting that one of my worst enemies would visit me there at the beach.. migraine..  That was a nightmare, a terrible headache while having a short break at the beach. I wasnt able to really enjoy it, and ended up going to bed early.  Maybe I should go away again in a few weeks. I was not able to take nice photos as well, I have a  few from my phone but they don’t show any sign of the beach lol..

just a few meters from the beach