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The Sunset and The Beach

I will never ever get tired of watching sunsets at the beach.

When I first visited this amazing place, I instantly fell in love with it. Its gorgeous beach and amazing sunsets are just perfect for that truly relaxing beach holiday.

The fact that it is secluded and far from the chaos of the town, it is perfect for just chilling all day enjoying the sun, the sand, and an amazing sunset to end the day.  Lying on the soft sand with a gentle sound of the waves while watching the sun sets on the horizon is comparable to lying on a massage table covered in lavender massage oil.

Before I left during my first visit, I told myself that I will definitely come back, and I did, and I did again… and now, I’m practically living in one of the best islands in the world!

The Sunset, The Waves, and The Sand

When things get tough and when there’s a need to de-stress and think things over, the beach is definitely one of the best destinations. The combination of a beautiful sunset and a little bit of waves is just perfect.


Sunsets are truly magical!


The sun left a magical moment as it slowly disappeared into the horizon.


Sometimes, sunset is also a moment of solitude.


Enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee with this scenery is enough to start a great day.

From Sunrise to Sunset

I will never get tired of going to the beach…  it’s my happy place 🙂

I’ve been to a lot of beautiful beaches already but this one is really different. It’s not the typical powder-white sand beach but it has that certain charm that will make one fall inlove at first sight. The place is called Antulang resort in Dumaguete, Philippines.


The view from the poolside bar is truly relaxing.


I instantly fell inlove with this place the first time I saw it in 2006. I don’t know why it took me 8 years to go back.


Wandering along the rocky shoreline while waiting for the sunset.


We’ve got company


Walking along those narrow pathways is kind of scary especially on certain areas without railings.


We walked for almost a kilometer to see this. Watching the sun sets through the lens is one of my favorite things to do at the beach.