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The Sunset and The Beach

I will never ever get tired of watching sunsets at the beach.

When I first visited this amazing place, I instantly fell in love with it. Its gorgeous beach and amazing sunsets are just perfect for that truly relaxing beach holiday.

The fact that it is secluded and far from the chaos of the town, it is perfect for just chilling all day enjoying the sun, the sand, and an amazing sunset to end the day.  Lying on the soft sand with a gentle sound of the waves while watching the sun sets on the horizon is comparable to lying on a massage table covered in lavender massage oil.

Before I left during my first visit, I told myself that I will definitely come back, and I did, and I did again… and now, I’m practically living in one of the best islands in the world!


A beautiful ‘contrast’

The pressure is on now… but there’s no need to rush. Friends have been asking when….  [the book will be finished]. I promise you guys that I will do everything to finish it. Thanks for all the encouragements,  and I’m looking forward to those flaming cliffs 🙂 It’s gonna be a dream come true when I see it on the shelf or maybe in your living rooms.  I can finish it in one month if I want to but I wont be happy with the final product,  so I don’t mind spending more time and be really happy with the result. 

I met with the graphic artist yesterday to discuss some stuff and I gave her additional photos, and we have initial output now.. a few [mock-up] pages.   The book will feature my two favorites (among those that I’ve visited).. Maldives and Mongolia. Well, let’s talk about contrast…. 🙂 

something to look forward to