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My first caving adventure…

Caving, mountaineering, trekking/hiking… these really are  not so me 🙂 I consider myself a city girl… lol   But there was a time when I dared myself to try a bit of an adventure.  It all started with a bit of cave crawling  a few years ago.         

Sumaguing Cave, Sagada      

When I saw my friend’s photos inside the  Sumaguing cave I told myself that I would definitely try it.  So when the opportunity came, I didn’t have second thoughts and packed my bags…        

I’ve been to a few caves already, including those caves in Halong Bay, Vietnam (they are not the adventure-type caves anyway) but I’d say that Sumaguing  is still the best of them all. Those  stalagmites and stalactites are really amazing, they even named some of those beautiful rock formations ; king’s curtain, queen’s curtain, rice terraces, turtle, chocolate cake and a lot more.      

Now, have a glimpse of my first proper caving adventure… I wont blame you guys if you would end up laughing at me after seeing the photos and videos.. 🙂      

This beautiful rock formation below is called the king’s curtain and it was my first challenge inside the cave. I was a bit shocked when the guide told me that we had to climb down.. I was like “how on earth??? it’s nearly 90 degrees. ”   I nearly twisted my legs as I was really struggling to climb down the king’s curtain 🙂     

our guide called this 'the king's curtains'
the guide was really helpful

Descending  into the bottom of the cave was not a joke, especially for someone like me. We had to pass though a narrow passageway on all fours, walk on the wall while hanging on to a horizontally fixed rope with a gaping  icy-water-filled-hole on the floor that is deep enough to drown me. We had a short break when we reached the bottom of  the cave as I needed to regain my strength.     

bottom of the cave
bottom of the cave

Then here comes climbing up.. We made a few stops on our way up as I was feeling really exhausted already.  Our guide had to literally pull me up for me to climb up the queen’s curtains lol I also had a  “rappelling moment” inside the cave and  it was captured on video but I still have to convert it. I’m going to post it next time.     

this one is called queen's curtains
guess I gave him a hard time.. lol