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Roses for a Gloomy Friday

Beautiful flowers never fail to cheer me up on a gloomy day.




Roses are Red, Yellow, Blue and Green too

When everyday life gets a little boring, go out and get some colors!

After trying a bit of painting sessions recently, I figured out that I need to do something else. It’s not that I didn’t love it, I was actually very satisfied with the outcome and I even gave one of my works to a friend as a present and she loved it. It’s my never ending quest for discovering that something called hidden talent/s that keeps me trying a whole lot of things. Yeah I’m still hoping that I have one or two that need to be discovered, and my quests normally evolve on things that I love; food, colors, flowers, and many more. I used to (and still) dream of having a flower farm so I could grow different varieties of a certain flower or even apply some scientific techniques to grow some hybrid roses.  I do love roses, as a child I used to pick some long-stemmed ones from my grandma’s garden then I would go home and plant them on a small tin can of soil but they would eventually die after one day leaving me disappointed. Those memories still make me smile these days. 

A few days ago I decided to turn ordinary roses to extra ordinary ones. The fact that I haven’t seen those at the flower shops before made this new hobby/quest or shall I say experiment, very interesting. Based on my research, these types are not widely available yet and are quite pricey. So after a long day at work I thought I needed to do something that would relieve the day’s stress, I was also feeling a bit sick already but I still managed to drop by the mall to get the materials I needed for my experiment. When I got home I felt like a child with a new set of toys feeling very impatient to unwrap the package. I even forgot that I was feeling a bit hungry and started with the experiment right away as I couldn’t seem to wait to see the results. That’s how impatient I can get sometimes.

a real beauty

My original plan was to make the colors solid and darker. But when I checked it out and saw this beauty, I decided to have it this way. I love how it turned out. I will just do some solid and dark colors next time. I also made some green ones as I havent seen green roses yet. I will do more interesting color combinations next time.

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Fortunately my experiment was a success and I love the result but the quest didn’t end there. It has just started. 🙂