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The Sunset and The Beach

I will never ever get tired of watching sunsets at the beach.

When I first visited this amazing place, I instantly fell in love with it. Its gorgeous beach and amazing sunsets are just perfect for that truly relaxing beach holiday.

The fact that it is secluded and far from the chaos of the town, it is perfect for just chilling all day enjoying the sun, the sand, and an amazing sunset to end the day.  Lying on the soft sand with a gentle sound of the waves while watching the sun sets on the horizon is comparable to lying on a massage table covered in lavender massage oil.

Before I left during my first visit, I told myself that I will definitely come back, and I did, and I did again… and now, I’m practically living in one of the best islands in the world!

Snake Island; Honday Bay, Palawan

Here is the third installment of the Honda Bay island hopping. I’ve been meaning  to post this last week but I got kind of busy with  work and some out-of-work activities.

One of the popular island hopping destinations in Honda Bay is the Snake Island. Everyone loves to swim in the crystal clear water as they can actually play with the school fish and feed them in their own hands.  Have some dinner rolls, tear them into small pieces and scatter the bits in the water… and the colorful school of fish will be all over in no time. As I’ve said in my last posts, I was not able to go swimming; it was kind of frustrating, I missed feeding the fish in my own hands.

the crystal clear water of snake island

Since I could not swim, I just watched the kids as they are playfully feeding the fish and enjoying the water. Snake Island is a protected site and fishing is strictly prohibited. You can feed the fish for as long as you want but you cannot catch them.

the other side

We were not able to stay longer as we needed to catch our flight back to Manila that afternoon. I want to go back one day to feed the fish 🙂

one of my favorites

We passed by this island [photo below] on our way back to the pier and I could not help but wish for my own island in Palawan.  Well, a girl can dream 🙂

i wish for an island in palawan 😉


Star Fish Island; Honda Bay, Palawan

Honda Bay is no doubt one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in the Philippines. I’m looking forward to going back to Palawan to explore more of Palawan’s beautiful islands and beaches.

So,  after finishing our little picnic under the coconut trees, we bid goodbye to the gorgeous beach of Pandan Island. Our ever-reliable boatman/tour guide gave us a little info about our next island destination, the Starfish Island. I’ve seen this island on various travel shows on t.v. and really curious to see it for real. I was really expecting to see hundreds of starfish like what I’ve seen on t.v. and the boatman told me that they are everywhere. 

Starfish Island

I must admit, the beach of Starfish Island is not as gorgeous as Pandan Island’s but don’t get me wrong,  it’s still  beautiful. It was around 1pm already and  it was one bright sunny day in Palawan. It was too hot to walk around the island so we just settled in one of the huts by the beach and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere.

I nearly forgot to have a close encounter with the starfish,  so I told the boatman that I wanted to take some starfish photos first before leaving. He walked away from us and came back a few moments later with  starfish on both hands. Yes, he was kind enough to fetch me a couple of starfish.  

At first I thought they were dead, but they were not. We took a few photos then we sent them back to where they belong.

Yes, they belong there… with the rest of the family. It was kind of tricky taking photos of these cute little creatures. I couldn’t seem to stop them from moving… It’s their own world anyway and I shouldn’t be disturbing them. 🙂