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Time to Read

Can you guess which one I read and finished first? ūüôā



What’s going on… and what lies ahead…

Weekend is almost over once again. The¬†beginning of a new hectic week is waiting for me tomorrow, but I’d rather be busy doing a lot of stuff at the same time than doing nothing at all. Work is still¬† hectic.¬† Initial works on the¬†book is now¬†in progress,¬†novel¬†is currently¬†on hold (i¬†prefer reading someone else’s novel at the moment than writing my own),¬†¬†¬†I guess¬†that following those travel blogs¬†made me¬†realized (finally) that I really want to pursue (now)¬†that long overdue plan. I hope¬† that this will ¬†come to fruition in the not so distant future.