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Frustration X2

I’ve been wanting to get myself the new HP mini 5102. This one is really interesting because of its touch screen feature, that’s all I want from it, honestly 🙂 I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t need as I still have my laptop. I’m not really into gadgets,  I’m fine with just the basics… iPod touch and 2 mobile phones,  and besides I’m saving for my next trip.  Since I couldn’t get my mind off it for a few weeks now, I left work early today and headed to the computer shop. And to my disappointment, it’s not available here (yet). The salesman told me that they have no idea if it’s going to be released  here. So I left the shop frustrated and tried a couple more shops in the area but there was no luck at all. Maybe I’ll try again… to convince myself not to get it as I really don’t need it??? or try to go to other more shops in the coming days???  we’ll see…  🙂

After I left the computer shops, I went to the clothes shops to look for something to cheer myself up. I got really tired walking around as I was in my office heels,  but didn’t find anything that fits me right as I’m really getting heavier  these days. So, out of frustration number 2, I hurried to M&S to get myself a big box of my favorite cereals. I was kind of starving already but I told myself not to eat out as I’m trying to lose weight now, convinced myself that I’m gonna have a bowl of tasty  cereals with nuts and fruits when I get home.  Fortunately the traffic was not bad and I was able to get home really quick.  So i treated myself to a hefty serving of cereals… and mint flavored dark chocolates for desert.. I’m a bit happy now 🙂