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Maldives Holiday part 2 – Male City

A beach life in a beautiful island resort in Maldives is the type of holiday that never fails to amaze most women.  I really loved that small piece of paradise and I wish I could have another Maldives holiday someday.     

After enjoying the sunny side of  life  for several days we decided to leave the island and head to Male, the capital city, for a little exploration. The speed boat transfer took more or less an hour but it was an enjoyable trip. Not only the boat ride was very comfortable, the aquatic scenery was also amazing.    

Approaching Male port


Dozens of beautiful private boats and yachts were moored at the port. I remember seeing this beautiful boat and I was like… “That’s my boat”,  she was very attractive and elegant. If I had billions, I would definitely  get myself one like that, yeah that’s me and my over-wishful thinking.  A girl can dream, can’t I?  There was also a section of the port dedicated to boats for public transportation only.   

We hurried to our hotel after we got off the boat. Everything in Maldives is really pricey, even a tiny hotel room can cause a small dent in one’s pocket. We reserved the room via phone call while we were still at the resort and we had not a single clue what it was like. Having stayed in a luxurious water villa for several days, we were really disappointed when we saw that tiny room but we just laughed it off, anyway it was just for a night. We just dropped our bags and went out immediately to see more of Male and to grab something to eat. Male is just a small city with narrow streets and motorcycles are used as basic  means of transportation.   

street in Male


The entire afternoon was spent walking around the city; visiting mosques and other tourists spots, having coffee,  pies and cakes in road side cafes and checking out some souvenir shops.     

streets of Male


Male is alcohol-free. There is not a single establishment that sells alcoholic beverage in th city. Non-muslim expats need to have a license to buy any alcoholic beverage but there is one place where tourists and the likes can have a glass of wine while having dinner at the restaurant or a glass of cocktail while lounging at the poolside. I explicitly said “tourists and the likes” as this place doesn’t serve alcoholic beverage to locals. I wonder how the man behind the counter feels while mixing those colorful drinks when he can’t actually taste it. Well, I’m not that positive if they serve those kind of drinks, but they definitely serve alcohol.   

So after spending an entire afternoon wandering around, we decided to hopped on the boat  to get to the airport; well, not to fly home but to have dinner. The Hulhule Island hotel is the only hotel on the island and it is just minutes walk  from the airport.   

poolside bar


This is the only place where alcoholic beverage is being served, but to foreigners only. We wandered around the place first before heading to the restaurant. We prefered to have dinner at the poolside restaurant instead of the indoor one. The romantic ambience of the poolside dinner had the “holiday feel” as well, oh did I mention that we were wearing t-shirts? Well, we didnt bother to go back to hotel to get changed, besides it’s Maldives and everybody was in casual dressing mood.  The food was great, and it was like an all-tourist place that night.   


Dinner at Hulhule Island Hotel – Maldives

This is just another one of those evenings when I came home from [a very long day at] work feeling all exhausted. It was like working really hard to make other people’s jobs a lot easier. I’m not complaining here… oh maybe just a little bit. Forgive me, I’m just really tired and hungry, I don’t have the energy to cook anymore. Maybe an apple will go a long way 🙂   

Male airport


 Well, I’m supposed to do another travel post here tonight but my brain cells  are really not up to it right now; yeah I still have to recall what happened  that day in Male and how we ended up having dinner at the poolside restaurant in Hulhule Island Hotel 🙂  

Traveling and Photography

Travelling and photography sound like a prefect combination to me. I’m not a photographer but I love taking photos of anything and everything around me especially when I’m travelling.

Hanoi, Vietnam

The photo below caught my attention while we were walking around Old Quarter area. My first comment was like.. that building looks like a church, then I saw the name of building…. Church Hotel.

Church Hotel

Bandar Seri Begawan

One of the main attractions in BSB is the  Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, an example of modern Islamic architecture.  Apart from it’s picturesque location, it has a golden dome that is still clearly visible from kilometers away. The marbles used on the mosque’s walls were imported from Italy, carpets were imported from Saudi Arabia, chandeliers from England  and granite from Shanghai. It has an elevator and tunnel too.

This was my first actual mosque experience. I was aware that everyone has to take their shoes off before entering the mosque, what I didn’t know was that tourists were also required to wear  that black overgarment, not sure if it was a burqa or abaya. When the man handed it to me, I thought … how many people have actually worn it and  how often do they wash this thing?  I just ignored the thoughts and put it on instead. My arms were feeling a little itchy after a few seconds but I wasnt sure if it was just psychological lol

The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque