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Fashionably Domesticated

Living alone in my place is something I was looking forward to when I was still in school.  I used to dream of  being on my own, having a place to call my own and running the household the way and how I want. But when I had this wish granted I realized that it is not that easy emotionally, financially and physically. First week of living alone  was a big struggle for me but I told myself that I can do it, I can live in an independent life. Weeks, months and years passed by, and I was right, I survived.

About two weeks ago, I needed to change my bathroom lights. So I dropped by the hardware shop on my way home after work and bought a couple of light bulbs.  The minute I got home, I unwrapped the bulbs and didn’t bother to call the maintenance guy. I thought I could do it on my own, I mean changing light bulbs is no big deal. I don’t have a stepladder but my bathroom has a [kind of] low ceiling so I was pretty sure I could still do it. But I was wrong,  I tiptoed and stretched my arm as hard as I could but still couldn’t reach the socket. So, I thought I’d just call the maintenance guy and let him do it but my mind couldn’t seem to agree to the thought of giving up. So I stood there for a few seconds  with one hand over my head holding the light bulb. Suddenly a brilliant idea popped up from somewhere….

Two pairs of shoes, yeah, two pairs. A pair of high heels plus a pair of wedge heels as platform. Shoes indeed are a girl’s best friend!

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