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On Realization and Future Travels

My recent holiday in Bali gave me time to think and re-evaluate a whole lot of things. s2 I realized that traveling alone is really fun and exciting. I can go wherever I want, eat whatever I feel like eating and sleep for as long as I want to. There’s freedom, there’s silence and there’s time to reflect and evaluate things and preferences in life.  I also realized that I should make time for travelling, even for a few days, no matter how hectic work schedule is. s4 I’m feeling brave enough now to stay in a guesthouse, live like locals and have the simplest life possible while travelling. While preparing for the future trips, I’m sure I can give up frequent fancy meals and trips to the coffee shop, I can give up shopping for things that I don’t even need, I can even give up a couple of my designer bags in favor of a two-week holiday somewhere in Asia.  I love my bags but I love travelling even more. Sanur Beach I’m even considering a backpacking trip in Asia in the near future. Well, maybe backpacking is too much for me but who knows, maybe I’ll wake up in Tibet or Bhutan one day.


Me, Myself and Bali

Writing this post while enjoying a beautiful Friday morning in Sanur. It’s my fourth day here now… still surviving and loving it 😀

A few years ago, the idea of me traveling alone was far from reality. After hearing beautiful stories from a female friend who has travelled alone, I was able to finally convince myself to do it. The trip is for one week but a friend of mine is arriving tomorrow morning so technically I’m alone for four days only. Well, honestly I don’t feel totally alone here.

When I booked this Bali holiday, my aim was to have a relaxing week, chill out at the beach and see Bali not in an adventurous way.

When I told M about that plan, he suggested that I stay in Sanur since the place is quiet and safe. I believed him and took his advice since he’s been staying in Sanur for a bit longer already. Yes, he is the same M, the nice guy who offered me his jacket while we were cruising in Halong Bay two months ago. We are not traveling together, in fact we’ve only seen each other once since I arrived 3 days ago. We went to dinner the other night and I must say I enjoyed it… the motorbike ride on a quiet Sanur night, the catching up and the lively atmosphere at Casablanca.

So far, I have already explored a little bit of Sanur, enjoyed the long walks at the beach, stopped at some cafes for iced lemonade and ice cream when the sun became a little unbearable, had Balinese lunch at a beachfront restaurant with a stunning view, purchased a few stuff with a huge discount from the souvenir shops, had a heavenly afternoon at the award winning Aroma Spa Retreat, woke up at 6am to see the sunrise and most of all, enjoyed the slow and relaxing life in Sanur.


I am looking forward now to more solo trips in the future. I say, if you have a fear of traveling solo, start with something light and easy! Happy travels everyone 🙂

Time to Wander and Get Lost in Bali

If there is one thing I can’t stop thinking of… it’s travelling!

It was three days after I got back from Hanoi when I booked my trip to Bali. Bali has always been on my list for quite a long time now but I couldn’t get the chance to do it. When we were in Hanoi three weeks ago, my friend and I talked about going to Bali in the near future but I wasn’t expecting it to be this soon. The thing about travelling is that once you do it, you’ll definitely get hooked. At the beginning of the year, I planned to do just two overseas and a few domestic holidays but obviously it’s not going to happen. I won’t be surprised if there will be one more trip after Bali.

When I booked my Bali flights, I wasn’t sure yet if my boss would let me take one week off since I just got back from Hanoi. I thought I’d book it and wait for the perfect timing before I talk to him.Fortunately he said yes instantly, I must have done something good.

I’m hoping that this one-week Bali holiday will give me some time to just relax and not think of work and other stressful things in life.I could spend the whole day just lounging and having a full body massage at the beach. I could go and see Ubud , explore Sanur, Kuta and Seminyak, and maybe just wander around and get lost…. literally and figuratively.

From Sunrise to Sunset

I will never get tired of going to the beach…  it’s my happy place 🙂

I’ve been to a lot of beautiful beaches already but this one is really different. It’s not the typical powder-white sand beach but it has that certain charm that will make one fall inlove at first sight. The place is called Antulang resort in Dumaguete, Philippines.


The view from the poolside bar is truly relaxing.


I instantly fell inlove with this place the first time I saw it in 2006. I don’t know why it took me 8 years to go back.


Wandering along the rocky shoreline while waiting for the sunset.


We’ve got company


Walking along those narrow pathways is kind of scary especially on certain areas without railings.


We walked for almost a kilometer to see this. Watching the sun sets through the lens is one of my favorite things to do at the beach.