Inside My Bag

First of all I love handbags. This Category came to me just this morning when I was getting ready for work.   I was running late already and when I grabbed my bag, the one that I used yesterday, I suddenly realized that it was almost the same color as my top. So, I grabbed the small black one and transferred all my stuff except for the netbook as it was too small for it.  Then it all started coming back to me.. those handbag moments. My  guy friends couldn’t seem to understand why I want so many handbags, and they are sometimes curious what sort of stuff I carry everyday and why I have to use different bags every now and then.  Even X and I had a few  arguments about it before especially when we were traveling,  he couldn’t seem to understand why I had to have my handbag with me all the time. Well, I guess carrying a small handbag while riding a Bactrian camel in Gobi desert is not a usual scene to him 🙂

So I decided to have a separate category for the bag stuff. I still vividly remember those funny handbag moments i had before and I’m sure there will be a lot more to come.

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