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Work and Fun in Jakarta

It was a  6-day business & pleasure trip in Jakarta. I was doing a project for a company there and they invited me to come over to discuss the project requirements and to meet with my I.T. counterpart. It was really hectic but I still managed to get away at the end of  each day to explore the city. I had to take a week off from my work to do this on-the-side project in Jakarta. Well, I couldnt resist travelling, even if it was work related.  I remember I almost cancelled the flight as I wasnt feeling really well, had  flu few days before the flight. I was still feeling sick when I arrived in Jakarta and I got held up for nearly 10 minutes at the immigration. The immigration officer asked me too many questions,  guess he was not convinced that I would only be there on holiday for less than a week even after showing him my return ticket. He was suspecting that I would look for a job there and have my work permit processed there right after I found a job. My friend was patiently waiting for me outside and he asked me what happened and what took me so long. So I told him the details, then he looked at me from head to toe and told me that I didnt look like I was on holiday… He said that  I looked like I was going to meet my employer at the airport 🙂 Well, the truth is, I was still feeling sick when I was getting ready that day and I just grabbed the first thing I saw and put it on, which happened to be my work clothes. I looked like I was going to the office 🙂   

We basically went just around Jakarta; shopping, dining out, hanging out at the coffee shop after getting tired of walking around the mall. And on my last day I had the chance to  spend a couple of hours in Seaworld Indonesia. 

inside the mall


another mall photo