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Follow Your Road

Sometimes we just want to follow the road even if we don’t know where it will lead us. 


On Realization and Future Travels

My recent holiday in Bali gave me time to think and re-evaluate a whole lot of things. s2 I realized that traveling alone is really fun and exciting. I can go wherever I want, eat whatever I feel like eating and sleep for as long as I want to. There’s freedom, there’s silence and there’s time to reflect and evaluate things and preferences in life.  I also realized that I should make time for travelling, even for a few days, no matter how hectic work schedule is. s4 I’m feeling brave enough now to stay in a guesthouse, live like locals and have the simplest life possible while travelling. While preparing for the future trips, I’m sure I can give up frequent fancy meals and trips to the coffee shop, I can give up shopping for things that I don’t even need, I can even give up a couple of my designer bags in favor of a two-week holiday somewhere in Asia.  I love my bags but I love travelling even more. Sanur Beach I’m even considering a backpacking trip in Asia in the near future. Well, maybe backpacking is too much for me but who knows, maybe I’ll wake up in Tibet or Bhutan one day.

Balinese Food Tripping

Even with a very sensitive stomach, I still manage to try local cuisine when I travel. Food is part of my little adventures but I try to stay away from dodgy looking  exotic and street food.

My first plate of Balinese food was mei goreng and I was able to finish the whole plate, which is very unsual for me. I’m not sure now if I was just really hungry and tired from the long walk at Sanur beach that afternoon or the fried noodles meal was that tasty…. or maybe both. I really enjoyed that meal.

Coco Bistro became my favorite spot. I love everything about the place; food, staff, wifi and of course the view.

Who wouldn’t want to have lunch in Bali with this kind of view?

So when my friend arrived, I suggested to have lunch at Coco Bistro and we decided to order the ones on the Balinese page of the menu.

I forgot the name of this dish but it’s barbecued chicken with curry sauce served with steamed rice and vegetable curry on the side.

Smoked salmon spring roll served with french fries and salad. I can’t remember anymore if this one was on the Balinese page but one thing is for sure, it tastes good.

Another Balinese food that my tummy didn’t reject was the mixed satay that we had at another  beachfront restaurant in Sanur.

To be safe, I stayed away from too much peanut  sauce.  As we always say, better be safe than sorry.

In conclusion, my tummy loved Balinese food 😀