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I Can No Longer Resist You

I was able to resist you twice, but you were always there all the time. You didn’t leave me alone for over two years, you were like a nightmare that kept showing up  at the back of my head almost every night and day.

This time, I can longer resist you.  Yeah I finally gave in, you’re such a temptation! Knowing me, I can’t promise you that I will keep you for years. But for now, I will enjoy your company and I will keep you close to me… Mr. new iPad

Birthday Present

Gadgets are cool stuff, it’s just that I’m not a gadget enthusiast.  I’m happy having  just the basic ones; laptop, netbook, iPod Touch and of course a mobile phone.

I’m always hesitant when it comes to buying a latest piece of gadget. I don’t know why, maybe because I got used to having them as presents. Last month was my birthday month, and I was thinking of getting myself a nice birthday present; and after a few days I finally decided to purchase a new mobile phone. Well, I still got two mobile phones and they are both in good working condition but I just couldn’t resist the urge to buy one. So, I got myself the new Nokia N8. I love its features especially the 12MP camera and I enjoy the three customizable home pages;  ideal for customizing and grouping application shortcuts. I was originally thinking of going away, maybe a short trip within the region, but I ended up getting a new mobile phone which I really don’t need, but at least I’m happy with my purchase. I will just post the two old phones on eBay, it’s better to get a few dollars from them rather than turning them into paper weights 🙂

The new item inside my handbag

I love the widgets feature of this phone as I don’t need to be in front of the t.v. to watch the latest news or go online to access my Facebook accounts.

useful widget

iPad or no iPad

Waking up as early as 11am on a Sunday is very rare. I normally get up after 1pm or whenever I’m feeling hungry already. Let’s just say that I’m just taking advantage of the weekend. This Sunday is very unusual as I got up at 11am, I was forcing myself to go back to sleep but I was feeling kind of  hungry already so I got up and made myself a cup of coffee and toasts. I was still feeling too lazy to go back to decluttering my place (which I started last night) so I thought maybe I should go online  a bit to check my inbox then a quick peek on wordpress.

As I was browsing on several sites, I came across an article about iPad. Then suddenly I thought of getting myself one. I must admit I’m not that much into gadgets, I’m already happy with the basics.  I love having  a few essentials, it’s just that I’m not the kind of person who buys a new mobile phone or a new iPod after a few months or whenever there’s a new model. I was staring at the pictures of  iPad on my screen and trying to figure out if I really need it. I was trying to convince myself that I need one. If I have it, I can go online anywhere anytime and it’s much lighter and smaller than my netbook so I can carry them around in my handbag and the best thing is there’s  Wordpress for iOS.  Then suddenly it hit me that I have an iPod touch which I can use if I just want to have a quick read while sitting and having cappuccino at the coffee shop. But God knows where the iTouch  is now, I haven’t used it for quite a long time now.  I also got reminded of  my old PDA  that I found  in one of the boxes  last month while cleaning. It has been there for years now and it’s totally broken now; it was still working when I stopped using it though. 

This iPad looks interesting, but do I really need it? Maybe I’m just being  impulsive again, and I might also forget all about it after a few months. I guess I need to wait for a couple of months before I finally decide if I’m getting myself one. Besides I can already go somewhere with its price. Obviously I still prefer traveling and exploring other places over buying gadgets 🙂

back again…

It’s been over a week now since my last proper “net time”.  Got really busy with work before and after the 2-day break. Taking at least 2 days off is kind of tricky these days as there’s so much to do with so little time. Well, at least I had a really great time with Richard even if it was for just a few days…. few really busy days.. but  I got a nice present again, a cute little pink gadget. He never fails to surprise me, and I got really touched by his effort of finding this little pink thing, he knows that i love pinks.


a new addition to my pink world


This time we were not able to go away on holiday as there was a more important thing to sort out,  I hope that we’ll be able to go away next time, perhaps Nepal. But I’m not ready to go trekking  yet. I guess I better start with the preparations soon, but God knows what I’m like when it comes to trekking 🙂  I really wish I would be able to do a proper trek soon.  I know Richard would be very happy if I could go (proper) trekking with him. 

I still got loads of pending posts but I cant seem to have time to edit the photos these days. Hopefully I can do at least one post every night.