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On Project Management and Kitchen Experiments

It’s a public holiday today and instead of going to the city for a little bit of shopping and/or simply wandering around looking for the best place to have a nice cup of coffee and some sweets, I decided to just stay home to recharge my batteries which apparently are wearing out due to so much stress.

My favorite Marco Polo ensaimada

Having a big project approved, on top of the existing ones, and setting up a small business is really draining. Being a project manager may sound cool but I’m telling you it’s far from that. The mere project approval process can get very tedious and the amount of responsibilities that comes with the role is comparable to the total project cost. I know this is an exaggeration but if you have managed several projects at the same time, which in fact makes you a program manager, then you will understand what I’m babbling about here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I’m simply stating a fact.

Setting up the business on top of my already stressful job is entirely my choice. I always say that I prefer getting really stressed and busy doing several things at the same time over getting stressed and busy doing just one thing. I like variety 🙂 This business thingy gives me the chance to relax a bit and take my mind off work. It gives time to cook and experiment on several meal types that we plan to serve at the cafe. I find cooking very relaxing and it is also rewarding when people tell me they love my experiment and ask for the recipe. I’m not a cook and I don’t get to cook more often but whenever there is a chance, I take advantage of it. For me, imagination and common sense play a big role in cooking. You just need to imagine the kind of meal that you want to cook and then find the ingredients. There’s no need to strictly follow the recipe book, you can always make some adjustments here and there based on your preferences.

20140409-182454.jpgGreens, cheese and cherries

20140409-182811.jpgPork steak with cheesy tomato dipping sauce

Baked fusilli in cheesy white sauce with hungarian sausage and bacon. This is not for the calorie conscious ones 🙂

20140409-183729.jpgGrilled tomato and mushroom sandwich with mozzarella and quick melt cheese

20140409-183954.jpgWhite asparagus and hungarian sausage with herbs and spices

20140409-184144.jpgSpiced pasta salad with sliced olives


Business Trip and Food Trip

Whenever I travel to Manila I always make sure that I meet my friends over nice meals, coffee and sometimes cocktails.

Food and coffee play a big role in our friendship 🙂 Well, I guess we all love to enjoy good food with good friends.


Smoked salmon salad is really good… We have this silly joke… more veggies = more patience 🙂


The colorful Persian food for lunch was really tasty…. and cheap too. It’s a delicious meal for the price of Venti coffee.


Chocolate truffle tea and golden rose tea made me want to come back to TWG more often.


Catching up with friends over tea and macarons is just perfect on a Sunday night.


Sugar and lemon crepe with blueberry ice cream doesn’t look appetizing but I tell you it tastes great. The sweetness of ice cream and sugar blends well with lemon juice.

Now it’s time to shed those extra pounds. 🙂

For the Love of Greens

One evening, when my friends and I were dining out, I saw a bowl of nice greens at the table next to ours so we asked the server what it was. I think she saw the curiousity in our faces while she was enumerating the ingredients of that beautiful green salad. So as expected, we ordered the same thing. Since that night, I always look for arugula salad on the menu every time i eat out. So far, there were arugula with mushroom and lots of cheese, arugula with just green apple and nuts, arugula with romaine lettuce, etc. etc.

After having yet another version of arugula salad last night at an Italian restaurant, I decided that I would make my own personalized version. After dinner, we headed to the supermarket for my arugula quest. I didn’t find it at the first place we went to but I didn’t stop and headed to the next place where I can probably find what I was looking for. And yes, I found several bunches of organic arugula. Oh, please don’t ask me what particular variety it is… I’m perfectly sure I can’t answer that question right now.


Organically grown vegetables tend to have veggie worms so we should take extra effort in washing the leaves.


The beauty of preparing your own meal is that you get to customize it, add a little bit of everything here and there.


Preparing this beautiful and sumptuous plate is really easy.


So that was my lazy Sunday lunch. If you know what specific arugula specie it is, please let me know 🙂

These are the ingredients I used…

Organic Arugula
Extra virgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Purple juice
Dried cranberries

I didn’t include the specific measurements as these are based on your preferences. To give you a bit of an idea, the ratio I used for olive oil, balsamic vinegar and purple juice …. 2:1:2. Just be easy on the dressing and don’t pour it all at once.