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Things have been really crazy these past few weeks; day job, part-time job, new [small] business venture, new hobbies etc. I used to wish for some more interesting stuff to do on top of my¬†full-time¬†day job, and now that I got them I feel like I’m really exhausted already.¬† I like what I’m doing, it’s just that I’m overdoing it¬† I think.¬† Good thing I’m off to the beach tomorrow for a post birthday celebration, and of course bonding time¬†with a bunch of good friends.

Early this year, I finally decided to start writing my travel memoir in a form of a coffee table book and I planned to finish it before the year ends. Unfortunately, there were so many distractions along the way and I decided to take a break. Well, I hope I can start working on it again by January.

 Here are the sample photos that will appear on the book under Mongolia section.

Mongolian countryside

It was such a long and tiring road(less) trip to Gobi desert. We decided to have a quick stop over after traveling (from UB)  for about  four hours. The Mongolian countryside looks amazing  under the bluest sky,  with all those green pea-like plants and wild animals all over the place.

Mongolian countryside

Priority #1

Take a really deep breath,¬† concentrate, prioritize¬†and most of all don’t panic…¬†I keep¬†repeating these words to myself¬†these past couple of weeks.¬†¬†With all those things that I¬†want to do,I guess I need more than 30 hours a day.¬†¬†¬†¬†

Just the¬†other day, my passion for bag design all came back to¬†me in an instant, so I ended up rummaging though my boxed stuff to look for that piece of cloth that I bought while traveling a few years back. While thinking of pursuing that [weekend class]¬† bag design course, it suddenly hit me that the book is still and always waiting to be written. With all the busy work schedules these days, I was left with no other better options but to do the writing on weekends since I need extended working hours almost everyday. Not to mention,¬†the domestic chores that I need to do every weekend, ¬†I guess¬†hiring¬†a weekend maid is¬†a not very practical option¬†for me these days. So,¬†I¬†decided that it’s¬†the book that I must prioritize¬†since the deadline that I set for it is just around the corner now.¬† Really can’t wait to see those beautiful photographs¬†printed on glossy papers¬†of a hardbound book, sitting on the coffee table.¬†¬†¬†¬†

¬†Below is a random sample page with reduced image resolution. It’s from the Maldives part of the book.¬†¬†¬†¬†

speed boats


I can’t decide how I’m going to call this post

I had another “caffeine overdose” again last night….¬†yeah you heard me right,¬†I had too much caffeine¬†again. I’m still a normal human being after all and my system still reacts to¬†caffeine once in a while. I had my last coffee [with double shot of espresso] of the day at around 10pm in the hopes of being awake and able to write something for the book as the deadline is really getting closer now but I ended up updating my blog again.¬† In short, no¬†works for the book has been done¬†again. I planned to go to bed early as I wanted to have an early Monday but I was still wide awake at 2am. I sort of forced myself to go to bed but I really couldnt¬†sleep and was feeling a bit hungry. So I¬†got up and had some nuts and a glass of water and decided to take my “sleeping pill” before going back to bed.¬† But to my disappointment I woke up this morning almost 30¬†minutes¬†earlier than my alarm time. Those 3o¬†minutes were really precious to me but couldnt¬†sleep anymore so ¬†I got up, had my morning¬† rituals and another cup of coffee. Surprisingly I was able to leave my place early, and the traffic was not bad,¬†that’s another strange thing on a Monday morning. So I arrived work early, my earliest in the last 12 months I guess. Since I¬†arrived early I thought I could leave a bit early too as I really needed to do some works on the book again but I got tied up at work solving yet another strange problem.

When I got home, I thought I would just check my emails quickly and possibly a short¬†stop on Facebook and probably a short update on my unfinished blog post.¬†To make my¬†story short, I came across a Freshly Pressed article with a¬†really catchy¬†title and decided to have a short read. And again….. I got hooked reading the article and even some old posts. I can’t blame myself for that, I really had fun reading them. And now I promise myself for the nth time that I will resume writing tomorrow.¬† Crossing my fingers on both hands here ūüôā