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If you’re ever going to love me…


This is another favorite of mine. I first came across this piece back in college in our speech class. The teacher required everyone in his class to deliver this piece in the most emotional way possible. This is a classic one. I started searching for it over the net about 5 years ago, then tonight it suddenly occurred to me that i have to post it here so that i would know where to look for it whenever i feel like reading it again.

If you’re ever going to love me…

If you’re ever going to love me, love me now while I can know,
all the sweet and tender feelings which from real affection flow.
Love me now while I am living, do not wait till I am gone,
and then chisel it in marble, warm love words on ice cold stone.

If you’ve dear sweet thoughts about me, why not whisper them to me?
Don’t you know it would make me happy, and as glad as glad can be?
If you wait until I am sleeping, never to waken here again.
There’ll be walls of earth between us and I couldn’t hear you then.
If you know someone was thirsting, for a drop of water sweet,
would you be so slow to bring it? Would you step with laggard feet?

There are tender hearts all round us who are thirsting for our love,
why withhold it from them what nature makes them crave all else above?
I won’t need your kind caresses when the grass grows o’er my face,
I won’t crave your love or kisses in my last low resting place.
Till then if you love me any, if it’s but a little bit, Let me know it….


Atlas Shrugged on screen???

Atlas Shrugged is definitely a favorite book of mine.Last week while browsing the net, I came across an entry of  AS on IMDB site.

this photo was taken from IMDB site

Production Notes from IMDbPro

Status: Announced | See complete list of 12,000 in-production titles »
Comments: Producers in talks with Charlize Theron to possibly adapt this as a mini-series.
Status Updated: 28 January 2010
More Info: See more production information about Atlas Shrugged (2011) only on IMDbPro.
Note:  Because this project is categorized as being in production, the data is subject to change; some data could be removed 

Lost in Gobi desert

July 2008… I will never forget that Mongolian holiday that my boyfriend Richard and I had for his birthday. I flew from Manila  to Seoul Korea at 12mn then got stuck at Seoul  airport for 12 hrs waiting for Richard and for our connecting flight to Ulaanbaatar. Ulaanbaatar was in the state of emergency that time so it made our trip more exciting.   
We stayed in UB for 2 days then headed to  the mighty Gobi desert.  Flights to Dalanzadgad were fully booked as it was  Naadam festival. We tried booking the flights 2 weeks before the trip but there was no luck so we opted for an overland trip from UB to Gobi on a 4×4, just us and the driver. I guess the 14 hr overland travel  and getting lost in Gobi desert (about 10 times) is not the usual holiday experience you hear everyday. The worst part was spending the night with complete strangers in a tent in the middle of nowhere on a windy night with the sound of crying goats and camels, desert sand on my face, and waking up the following morning with rashes all over my body. We had to spend the night with a mongolian family in their tent as we couldnt find the way to our camp and it was 11pm, in the middle of the desert without any sign of a single road, no spare tires and with a driver who’s a complete idiot. The following day was still another adventure as the driver still couldnt find the way to the camp and it took us nearly 4 hours to get there. We were like running in circles in the middle of Gobi, GPS was not useful as there were no proper roads, before you know it, you’re already on the opposite direction. We just forced ourselves to be a little more patient and enjoy the scenery instead until we got to the camp, the Three Camel Lodge, the most luxurious accommodation in Gobi desert that time.
flat tire in the middle of nowhere with a beautiful sunset


the place where we stayed for the night


I wish I could see that family again so I could thank them properly for the hospitality they showed us. They even offered us boiled goat’s milk and mongolian tea, we tried to sip a bit as we didnt want them to feel offended. I was really amazed by their nomadic life. Small ger in the middle of the desert, a small solar panel just enough to power a small tv and 2 light bulbs, simple food that (mostly dried goat’s meat). Never had the chance to take some photos with them especially with the children as I was not feeling well that morning and all I wanted was to get to the camp to get some rest, a nice shower and of course hot meal. Whenever I look at the photos, I cant help but smile.. my one great adventure that I’m sure most people havent had before.
three camel lodge