On Realization and Future Travels

My recent holiday in Bali gave me time to think and re-evaluate a whole lot of things. s2 I realized that traveling alone is really fun and exciting. I can go wherever I want, eat whatever I feel like eating and sleep for as long as I want to. There’s freedom, there’s silence and there’s time to reflect and evaluate things and preferences in life.  I also realized that I should make time for travelling, even for a few days, no matter how hectic work schedule is. s4 I’m feeling brave enough now to stay in a guesthouse, live like locals and have the simplest life possible while travelling. While preparing for the future trips, I’m sure I can give up frequent fancy meals and trips to the coffee shop, I can give up shopping for things that I don’t even need, I can even give up a couple of my designer bags in favor of a two-week holiday somewhere in Asia.  I love my bags but I love travelling even more. Sanur Beach I’m even considering a backpacking trip in Asia in the near future. Well, maybe backpacking is too much for me but who knows, maybe I’ll wake up in Tibet or Bhutan one day.


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