Memories of Hanoi

Traveling always gives us memories and experiences….the good and the not so good ones that we will always cherish for as long as we can remember them. 


When we travel, we experience the many firsts in our lives, we meet people whom we feel instant connection with after the usual hi-hello-where-you-from kind of conversation, we experience sincere kindness of strangers, we get inspired by other people’s guts and love for travelling, we experience the culture, we fall in love with the place, we see the world from a different perspective, we experience freedom… freedom from the walls of our own comfort zone.


My recent trip to Hanoi gave me some new and memorable experiences… Memories that will put a big smile on my face when I look back months or even years from now. Sometimes when we travel, random things happen to us in the most unexpected manner – things that would leave us wondering how and why they happened and at the same time thankful because they did happen. 

Hanoi is a wonderful place, it is one of those places that I will keep going back to in the future.



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