Project Travel 2015

Travel… travel… and travel more… Yes, that is my goal for 2015.


Two years ago, I planned to visit Sydney for a full month holiday and to see friends as well but it didn’t happen.  The past couple of years were busy years at work and other important stuff that’s why traveling was temporarily put on hold. Well, it was not totally put on hold as I was still able to do a few local trips to some famous holiday destinations in the southern part of the country. It was around Q4 of 2014 when I finally decided to travel more even in the middle of hectic work schedule. Everybody needs work life balance and that is what I want to keep in mind from now on. I admit 2014 was a good year in terms of professional achievements but at the end of the day, there is that tiny voice inside my head telling me that something is missing. That voice is telling to me to go out, travel more, see the world outside the four walls of my office and enjoy life as much as I can.

One night, while I was browsing Facebook feeds, one specific post really hit me and sent me straight to an airline website. Surprisingly, the airline was having an incredible seat sale and I mean really incredible. Without second thoughts, I booked two flights; one domestic and one international.

So this year, I am executing my Project Travel and I really can’t wait for a month-long Australian holiday. So far, I’ve already booked 1 domestic and 2 overseas flights for this year.  Q1 is still open, Q2 will be a 4-day holiday in Hanoi, domestic trip for Q3 and Australia for Q4. I guess I can still do one Asian holiday in Q3 provided that I won’t buy another designer bag. Yes, that is my guilty pleasure 🙂

How about you guys, have you planned your 2015 holidays yet?


9 thoughts on “Project Travel 2015”

      1. Once I have decided where I want to go, I set my budget for that trip and I set aside certain amount every payday. I book my flights months ahead or whenever there’s seat sale. Accommodation is booked in advance as well to take advantage of early booking perks. I give up shopping or buying other stuff which are not important whenever I have an upcoming holiday. In my previous trips, I brought home some stuff and sold them to friends. It was like doing a tiny bit of buy-and-sell to help me recover a portion of the travel cost. Hope that helps a bit.

      2. That’s really a wonderful idea. I should keep aside a certain amount every month, plus don’t do shopping. I’d like to know the websites where I can find cheapest fares and accommodations. Can you plz tell me?

  1. Inspiring, thanks. We are taking our 6 and 9 year old boys to Costa Rica in a couple weeks but may look for something in the fall after reading this. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine. Although I just posted about our last international trip, although fun, had some serious challenges. Thanks!

    1. thanks for dropping by.. yes we can all get caught up in our daily routines and before we knew it, we’ve already lost those precious moments.. so let’s enjoy life and travel more for as long as we can afford it 🙂

  2. How fun…I have roughly planned our year of travels also! We did Taiwan last month, heading to the US in May, Vietnam & Cambodia in August (probably not the best time to go but its the only time we can fit it in) and a domestic trip to Tokyo in November. I am really really hoping we can fit in Bali over Christmas but we will just have to wait & see about that. Enjoy your travels 🙂

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