It All Started with a Speedy

For so many years I tried so hard to avoid designer handbags. Apart from the fact that they are so expensive, I also know that I’d certainly get hooked once I’ve started. I used to say that I’d rather spend my hard-earned money traveling in one or two neighboring countries than buy a designer handbag until an irresistible offer on LV Speedy 30 [fresh from Europe] landed on my feet.

To make the long story short, it all started with a Speedy. I told myself that I wouldn’t get another bag in the very near future but it only took me less than 3 months until I got attracted to a really nice black tote… I though, “just the perfect size for an office bag.” So I told myself again, “it’s over”.. this has got to stop.

One day I realized, I needed a small bag so I went on looking for a small one and the hunt didn’t take long.


This cute Fendi can be converted into a wristlet… and that gold chain can also serve as an accessory around your wrist. The small inside pocket can hold credit cards and folded notes. Surprisingly, this cutie can hold the essential stuff; pressed powder, lipstick, oil control film, an iPhone and charger, after dinner mints keys  and pocket facial tissue.

fendi2I certainly love it! I’m a big-bag-person but this one is a star.

So, did I  stop here?? The answer is a BIG NO 🙂


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