By the Sea

For reasons I can’t seem to explain… the beach is the only place on earth where I can instantly find my peace of mind. The mere sight of the sea can be an instant antidote to my toxic day.


While I was on Christmas holiday at my parents’ place last December, I was able to enjoy those rare moments at the beach either sitting alone on a piece of driftwood or playing with my parents’ dog trying to trick him to get into the cold water. Those were the moments that I have and will always look forward to… the moments of silence and calmness. It was during those times when I can really think of serious stuff without any interruption or think nothing at all while watching small boats pass by and huge ships slowly disappear over the horizon.

It has always been my dream to build a beach house and enjoy the morning breeze sipping my morning coffee with my special someone standing right next to me at the balcony. That scene to me is nearly perfect. But for now, it will still be just a dream… Not for long, I wish.



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