Longer Life for my Bag

I know a lot of women who carry so much stuff in their handbags. Stuff they don’t use and sometimes forget they are actually inside the bag.

I still wonder why I have to carry too much stuff inside my bag when in fact I don’t even need them. Maybe it’s the fear of not having them when I finally need them. I remember a friend asking me if I also had a washing machine in my bag. This is because I always have the bits and pieces every time they need something.

Tonight I decided to unload some stuff which I don’t normally use or need on a regular basis. It will ease the burden on my shoulder and most of all… give my bag a longer life. I love my bags!


That is the bag Im currently using. I put the wallet for scale purposes only.


Those are the things that go inside the bag. Not that much now; a small makeup pouch, small umbrella, wallet, mobile phone and a rolled up scarf.


I use a bag organizer to make it neat and to protect the bag lining from stains.


This is how it looks like now, neat and organized. Obviously I can fit everything in a smaller handbag now, but I just love bigger ones. 🙂


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