My Best and Worst Travelling Experiences

Most of us have travelling experiences that we will always remember for as long as we can. They could be funny, romantic, embarrassing, heartwarming etc.

So here is the list of my best, worst and somewhere in between experiences… in no particular order.

  • Getting lost in Gobi desert and spending the night with the locals in their tent. It was definitely one of the best. I was really surprised by how generous they were, I mean inviting total strangers in someone’s home is not something we see everyday.


  • First camel, not to mention Bactrian, ride in Gobi.
  • Having diarrhoea on the day of my flight and taking medicines with labels that look like boxes, lines and circles 🙂
  • The sunny-side-of-life birthday celebration!  Definitely the best.  I wish I could go back to Maldives


  • The city tour bus ride in Bangkok
  • Valentine’s day and Vietnamese new year in Hanoi.
  • Having rashes all over  my body while travelling in Mongolia
  • Eating sausage and crepe in the streets of Bangkok. That was my first  taste of street food while travelling. I have a very sensitive stomach that’s why I stay away from street food and those that my system is not used to
  • Swimming with the whale sharks in Cebu


  • Trekking in Batad and caving in Sagada. Both were my firsts

So that’s my list. maybe I can still update it next time.


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