New Job for the New Year

Shopping.. it really is a good therapy for stressful and/or gloomy days 🙂

About two months ago, I was planning to change my wardrobe [including shoes, bags and even wallets] as I wanted to have a fresh set for the 2013. Before I even started executing this plan,I received a very good news about my job… something way above my expectations.

Now, I’m on the course of acquiring new sets of wardrobe not just because I want to but because I need to. This is because I am now reporting to two different office locations. The new one requires a [fashionably] corporate/business attire while the existing one has a minimum requirement only. Of course, I intentionally inserted the [fashionably] bit 🙂

What I missed the most, for nearly two years, are my high heels. These are my number one items on the list. Don’t you just love adding four inches up to your height? 🙂



I know most of us complain about how stressful and tiring our jobs are. I myself  have a very stressful job but  I have learned how to neutralize the stress and be productive without completely compromising my health and the simple happiness in life. With the nature of my job, I tend to work beyond the regular working hours, even on Sundays and holidays. I may not be physically present in the office beyond office hours but I can still work wherever I am. I can work while sitting at the backseat of the car, sipping coffee at Starbucks, standing  in the long queue at the airport’s check in counter or even while in the shower.  Given this opportunity to work anywhere possible, I can still have a little time for the non-work related things I want to do. Multitasking really works for me.

If I want to leave work  early [meaning at least at the end of working hours] for a little shopping or dinner with friends; I can still finish my work at home when I return or while waiting for the food to be served.  Of course, it is not like this every day as there are days when I need to be present at the meetings even beyond 6 PM but at least there is flexibility. For me, it’s just a matter of managing  and prioritizing the tasks. In my case, I’m fortunate to have this kind of job.




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