My Four-day Weekend

I always want to go away even for a few days whenever I feel bored, exhausted, stressed or simply craving for a different environment and an instant travel plan is always fun and exciting.

It was already one day before the start of a four-day weekend yet I still didn’t have anywhere to go as I couldn’t decide where to spend the short holiday. I planned on going to the beach but I couldn’t seem to bear the thought of me spending four days alone in a beautiful and serene environment. I also thought of flying to Singapore but the ticket prices have gone more than double its normal price. I was distracted all morning at work, trying to figure out which hotel and flight to book. At about 30 minutes before lunch break, I finally made up my mind, I wanted to fly back to Singapore. With four hours left, I packed my bags at lunchtime, booked my flights and hotel while dealing with some last minute problems at work. It was such a chaotic afternoon but it was really exciting knowing that I would be queuing at the immigration in Changi airport in the next 8 hours.

My flight arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule so I spent about 20 minutes waiting for my friend to pick me up . Before heading to the hotel, we decided to have kaya toast first as I was already starving.



I must admit, I have been to Singapore a few times already but this was my first Kaya toast.

The next morning, I decided to just have some lazy hours exploring the nearby mall, looking for something to buy and eat for lunch. While waiting for my lunch mate, I walked around looking for a place to eat and I found this sushi place.


That afternoon, we decided to ride the Singapore flyer before nightfall so we could witness the sunset. Unfortunately, we missed the sunset due to some avoidable circumstances.


This photo was taken on a different day as I forgot to bring my camera.

Up next… Day trip to Legoland In Malaysia


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