Part 2 of Bacolod Trip Day 2

Please refer to Bacolod Trip Day 2 post for the part 1 of this post.

After taking too many photos at The Ruins, we decided to head back to the city to visit the museum and the churches.

We hurried to the museum first; trying to beat the closing time, not knowing that we would be in for a big surprise. We thought for while that we were not at the right place as it was really quiet and I didn’t see a single person outside the building except for the guard on duty.


We looked around for a moment and this is what I saw…


We were standing there for a few minutes trying to overcome our disappointments when the guard approached us and informed us that the museum was closed since it was public holiday that day, and Monday too. Yeah, that’s the not-so-interesting part of travelling during public holidays. Feeling all disappointed, we left and headed to Mc Donald’s for a large coke float and twister fries.

After cooling down for a while, we went out again to visit the San Sebastian Cathedral. The last mass for the day was almost finished when we got there. Good thing we arrived a few minutes earlier, we could have missed the opportunity to take few photos of the church’s interior.

After taking a few more photos outside, we went to a place called Calea for some sweets and coffee. Calea is a famous for its long list of cakes and pastries, not to mention the very affordable price.


perfect pair
rum raisin pudding

The rum raisin pudding and the perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee wrapped up our second day in Bacolod.


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