Breakfast with Audrey at the Museum

The worst part of travelling for me is when it’s time to go back home. Last day is always the my least favorite day for two main reasons; 1) it’s time to go home 2) there’s always something I had to do or place to visit at the very last minute to maximize the trip.

On our last day in Hongkong, just a few hours before the flight, we decided to have a quick trip to the Peak Tower to visit the Madame Tussauds wax museum. It was a last minute decision as it was originally not part of the day’s itinerary. We were at the Ocean Park that afternoon but the rides were closed due to non-stop rain. Since there were nothing else to do at the park, we decided to go up to the Peak to visit the wax museum. With the map one hand and umbrella on the other, we patiently waited for our bus which in fact took us about 20 minutes. We were initially thinking that we were on the wrong station but eventually our bus arrived.

Once we got off the bus, we literally ran to the building entrance and asked around for the exact location of the museum.

Breakfast with Audrey
something not to miss

Everyone’s darling


We left the museum after taking some photos then we bought a few pieces of fridge magnets before we went out of the building. Fortunately, we arrived at the bus stop just in time. To make our last day more interesting, we missed our stop and we ended up at the last station. We were feeling all exhausted already so we hoped on a cab to take us to our hotel. When we reached the hotel, the staff handed us a piece of paper saying that they were waiting for 15 minutes but they had to leave because of other passengers who were also trying to catch their flights.  So, we hailed another taxi going to the airport.


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