Bacolod Trip Day 1

Last minute travel plans always work for me.  Last week, I was being anxious about not having something to do or place to go during the long weekend break so I decided to just spend two days wandering around the city and doing some self-pampering stuff.  After being restless for a few hours, there was a sudden change of plans and destination. Instead of spending the long weekend in the city, my friend and I decided [over coffee] to travel to Bacolod.

The next morning, I found myself getting on the boat to San Carlos City. The boat trip from Toledo to San Carlos  was just a little over an hour. When we reached San Carlos we hopped on a pedicab going to the Ceres bus terminal. There are two routes going to Bacolod city; one is via Escalante and the other one is via Don Salvador. We took the Don Salvador route as it is shorter than the other but the ride was not easy as the road passes though the mountainous parts of Negros. The only consolation there was the scenery along the way including hectares upon hectares of sugarcane plantations. After more than two hours on up-down-left-right bus ride, we finally reached out destination.

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After settling into our hotel room, we headed out for a proper meal. Since we were in Bacolod we wanted to try the famous Bacolod chicken inasal. When we reached the place [that is supposed to be popular for inasal], I was really surprised as it was not the kind of place I pictured in my mind. If I was not on having migraine that time, I wouldn’t go inside that place. There was nothing special about the food but it was not bad at all; I don’t know, maybe I was just starving that’s why everything tasted okay. What I really don’t understand is why they allow beggars, vendors and some missionaries selling stuff inside and let them disturb the people while eating.

The first night was just about eating, malling for some stuff, and hanging out the coffee shop as we were still feeling tired after travelling for hours.


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