My Red Liu Jo

If money was not an issue, I would rather have a red designer handbag than a new piece of gadget. In fact, my ultimate dream is to go on bag-shopping spree for one whole day. Well, I guess a girl can dream, can she not? 🙂

In the past few months, I’ve been searching for a red tote bag. Red handbag never fails to brighten my gloomy days up. There are several nice ones I found online but they don’t fit into my currently complicated budget scheme. After a few months of searching and not finding a nice and budget friendly one, I somehow gave up [for a while] and settled for a black tote bag which is very useful since I carry a lot of stuff in my bag every day. I don’t know but I always feel like I need bring so much stuff; which made my friend asked me one time if I was also carrying a washing machine in my bag.

During my recent trip to Manila, I was wandering at the mall after having my most wanted me-time when I passed by the newly opened Liu Jo shop. I saw this shiny red tote bag on display and after an instant; I was inside the shop, in front of the mirror with this bag on my shoulder. Without any further deliberation at the back of head, I asked for a new stock and handed my debit card to the woman behind the counter. Yes, I found my red tote bag just when I was not expecting it. I love it, in fact I used it the same day I bought it. I couldn’t wait for another day without using it so I went to the ladies room and transferred my stuff into it. I used it every single day for two straight weeks before giving it some needed rest. I don’t want to ruin it soon, It has got a long way to go 🙂

there she is

Note: I downloaded this image and I forgot to copy the link, I couldn’t seem to find it now. My apologies to the site owner.

Every time I pass by Liu Jo branch in Ayala Center Cebu, I couldn’t help but get inside the shop and admire their collection of bags and shoes. In fact, there was this cute little handbag that I’ve been thinking of for two weeks now. Well, maybe next month if it’s still there, I would love to have that one as well. It’s not red but it’s got red straps, and let me say it again… it’s so cute!

Here is the site , it’s in Italian though. Have fun browsing ladies 🙂


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