A Rewarding Weekend at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

Most people who have regular forty-hour workweek look forward to the day when they don’t need to get up early and drag themselves to work.  I am definitely one of them, especially now that I have a six-day workweek. Sunday for me is the most special day of the week; I can get up late and have a lazy day sitting in front of the television for as long as I want to or go wandering somewhere else.

About two weeks ago, my friends and I decided to have a little weekend getaway in the city. The timing was perfect for three valid reasons: 1) I was scheduled to go home to Manila that weekend 2) a dear friend of mine was currently vacationing here so I had the chance to meet her up for a short chitchat 3) it was another friend’s birthday celebration.

Since I had an early morning flight the following day, we decided to book a room at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu for the night. We availed their summer promotion at a very affordable rate; breakfast was not included but still worth it. I almost forgot, there was also a complimentary F&B voucher good for coffee and cake set for two persons. The room was well-appointed as well as the bathroom that came with a complete set of toiletries in their cute little bottles. It was a real shame I had to check out as early as 7am to catch my flight home. When it comes to catching early morning flights or trips, I can honestly say that I’m a punctual person; I never miss my flights.  Other than that.. well, it depends. 🙂

perfect pair

Two days after I checked out; I received an email or should I say a survey form from Marco Polo. It was the usual quality-of-service-enhancement kind of survey. I was just killing my time at Starbucks that afternoon so I decided to answer every single question. Mind you, I don’t always do that but the promise of being rewarded [after finishing the survey] made me curious. After answering the entire survey, I got another email saying that they will send me the freebies I selected from their list. Cool huh 🙂  After less than a week, I got another email, and here’s what I got…

It was a rewarding weekend indeed. Will I come back to Marco Polo? The answer is a big Yes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the freebies, it’s the quality of service they provide.

Here is the hotel’s site http://www.marcopoloplazacebu.com/, for those who are visiting Cebu either for business or for pleasure.


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