Holidays… We Really Can’t Get Enough Of It

First day of work after a week off is definitely one of those days I do not look forward to. I could not seem to drag myself to work but I knew I had to be there to: read a long list of work-mails, review project status updates, get ready for meeting (which I re-scheduled last week as everyone was almost gone for the holy week break) and of course attend to other matters and catch up with friends as to what everyone was up to during the break.

That 6-day break was just what I needed. I was able to take my mind off work-related stuff, not 100% though as I was still accessing my inbox while I was away, in case there’s some sort of urgent matters. Good job there was none.  I had a great time with my parents, relatives and friends back home. It was a real break but it is a shame it only lasted for 6 days. Anyway I can always take a long weekend trip again anytime soon 🙂

Well, even it was kind of a short break; I was able to accomplish so much. I was able to do a little shopping; meaning one tote bag, one black top and some items from La Senza (which by the way are on sale and I couldn’t resist passing by the shop without getting myself something nice :)). I was also able to dine out with different groups of friends, and now I am still suffering from allergic reaction to crabs and shrimps but I do not regret it even to the smallest bits. Of course, holiday will not be complete without a little self-pampering. Got my hair done, which in fact almost disappointed me. Good thing I was able to convince the stylist that my hair strands are strong enough and that they do not succumb easily to some sort of torture. I even agreed to sign a waiver stating that I will not hold the salon nor the stylist responsible for any damage the extended treatment may cause my hair. That sounds a little absurd but that is me when I’m determined to have something done; especially when I’m perfectly sure it won’t harm anyone but me in case that something didn’t turn out right. Fortunately, the result made my stylist and me happy in the end. I am now sporting beautiful bouncy curls, which made me my friend scream at the top of her lungs when she first saw me this afternoon… she said something like.. girl, you look pretty and you look like you can easily have three boyfriends now. Well, now that was crazy, I meant she is crazy… in a nice way though, crazy in a way that makes every burst out in laughter and we love it/her that way. I know we will miss her big time the moment she leaves….. to chase her dreams.

I remember during one of our conversations over a bottle of cheap red wine, we all said that we have our reasons, reasons that brought us all here, in this place where we currently work and live. We all know that one day we will all head somewhere else to chase our dreams. True enough, goodbyes are in the air now and it is kind of sad just thinking about it now.  Anyway, we know that this will come eventually as we expected it.

Okay, I better go now before I get too sentimental here. The thing is… I hate goodbyes.


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