Weekend with the Whale Sharks

A close encounter with the whale sharks is one of the best water experiences I’ve ever had. Watching  and literally swimming with them [a few meters away] was one terrific experience.

It may sound scary but I tell you, this is one of my best water adventures ever. It’s not scary as long as you don’t get too close. There was a briefing first on what-not-to-do while on the boat and while swimming with them before the tourists are allowed to get on the boat. Life vests are provided so non-swimmers need not worry about drowning. When you’re  about one meter away from them, all you can think of is how amazing the experience is, you’ll forget worrying about drowning or being swallowed alive 🙂 Everyone is required to keep a few-meter distance but you can’t control their direction so you better swim away as fast as you can once you notice them heading towards you and just stay on the sides.

In the photo below, I was about two meters away and I was still able to pose for a photo.  That’s how cool it is swimming with them.

We were able to swim with two whale sharks yesterday.  They seem to be baby whale sharks that’s why they don’t look scary at all. I definitely want to do it again. Now that I’ve done swimming with the whale sharks, I guess I could do scuba diving in the near future. It has been on my bucket list for over a decade now but I still can’t find the guts deep inside me to do it.


3 thoughts on “Weekend with the Whale Sharks”

  1. Fun! I’ll be swimming with the whale sharks in Donsol naman two weeks from now 🙂 your post made me even more excited. (btw, the whale sharks in Oslob look pretty close to the shore, are they?)

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