My First (and probably the last) Sinulog Festival

It is no joke, nor an exaggeration!  Attending the Sinulog festival in Cebu City is totally one big ordeal; from hotel booking to moving around the city during the big day.

I have been looking forward to seeing this famous festival since about five or more years ago. When I was still living in Manila, I have always wanted to travel to Cebu during Sinulog festival but nobody wanted to travel with me, it was either due to work schedule conflict or simply lack of time due to other stuff.

When I got here in Cebu last year, I told myself that there is no more excuse to miss this one big event.  Thousands and thousands of local and foreign tourists visit Cebu City during this time of the year.  Accommodations must be booked as early as three months before the festival; else, you’re going to have to rely on chances and luck. That’s exactly what happened to me; blame it on my super hectic and stressful work schedule. At least I was able to book a room close to the airport yet too far from the city centre. It was not a great accommodation but at least we had a decent room. It was a condominium building converted into a hotel that looks like a haunted building. Not too bad for a one-night stay though.

Major roads are closed to traffic during the festival, due to street dancing and parade; and the only way to move around the city is to walk under the scorching heat of the sun following the crowd until you reach their destination. Well, everyone is heading to the same direction so there is a very slim chance of getting lost. It was fun and exciting especially for a first-timer like me but I think it was my first and last at the same time. It was just too difficult and tiring.

To be continued…


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