I’ll Be Home for New Year’s Day

My bags are packed finally, after too many disappointments over cancelled trips.  The most important thing is that I’m heading home this time to spend New Year’s day with my parents.

I had my tickets booked as early as 3rd week of December as I wanted to go home for Christmas day but due to hectic work schedule, I decided to cancel my flight again for the nth time. It was very disappointing, but that was the most logical thing to do since work was and still is in a crucial stage. I decided to stay for another 4 working days to finish what I had to finish before leaving, and this time I really have to go home to spend New Year’s day with my parents. Work has been very stressful and I need a few days to recharge my batteries.

I had my return ticket booked on the 2nd of January but due to the recent development at work, I need to be back by January 1st so I can go back to work on the 2nd, this is insane.

Others say “be happy and thankful for your job”,  but hey I’m only human. I get tired physically and mentally. I guess we all deserve to whine a bit. I know I need to work to earn a living but too much stress can be lethal.

So I’m hoping that this short break will recharge my batteries a bit, and I hope that it won’t drain my pockets 🙂

happy new year everyone!


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