First night in HK was a nightmare

Rainy night in HK

It was one afternoon in February when my friend called me up at work to inform me of the sale airfare. I didn’t have second thoughts and said yes right away. We spent a couple of hours that afternoon looking for cheap airfare. The destination: Hong Kong and Macau.  We figured out that we could do both in just four days and 4 nights; it was a very limited time as we both have a very hectic work schedule.

We were both very busy at work ( busy means working 7 days a week for more than 12 hrs a day) weeks before the trip so we decided to have our HK hotel  booking and airport transfer through a travel agency.  It was the first time I had an agency took care of my hotel bookings.

I was having a really hectic schedule but I thought this short break would at least give me a breather, besides the plane tickets were booked as early as February.  I only had about 4 hrs of sleep the night before the trip as I was still finishing up some work assignments for my staff and I had to get up early to attend a meeting. Two hours before the flight to Manila, I was still sitting there in a meeting analysing the clients’ requirements and trying to fit them in a tight project schedule. Not only that, I still had to travel 1.5 hours to get to the airport.
Fortunately the traffic was not bad and I finally arrived at the airport 30 minutes before the flight. By the way, I was still living in Manila when I booked that flight, that’s why it was kind of complicated.  When I arrived at the airport in Manila (T2), I went straight to T3 and decided to just stay there and wait for the flight to HK. So it means waiting for 5 hrs. First thing I did was to have a nice lunch. I still got nearly 4 hrs of waiting after having my pasta and Italian bread
lunch, so I thought I would head to a salon to have a haircut. Unfortunately there was not a single salon at the airport, so I went to a spa and had a relaxing massage instead.  I had plenty of time at the airport; I even had time for a nice cup of coffee before my friend finally arrived.

We were both feeling exhausted when we arrived at HK airport. As instructed, we went straight to the waiting area to wait for our tour guide, to take us to our hotel.  We waited for over 30 minutes but there was still no sign of her so I decided to call her up. To my surprise, she told me that we didn’t have bookings with them; in short they were not expecting us at the airport. The worse part was that we didn’t even have hotel booking, when in fact I have already paid for it weeks before the trip. That person was kind of rude, she raised her voice when I told to double check her list and to do it quick as it was getting late already. I was
nice to her, I even tried to speak slowly so she wouldn’t have a hard time comprehending what I was saying. She insisted that there was no hotel reservation under my name or my friend’s name.  So I called up the travel agent in Manila to inform him of the situation and to find us transportation and hotel room for the night. It took them over an hour to fix everything, and it turned out that we really had a valid transportation and hotel booking.  Unfortunately, it was late already and they couldn’t pick us up at the airport anymore, they told us to take a cab to our hotel and they will reimburse the fare.  It was a bit of nightmare, really.



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