Wish [Overly] Granted

When I was living and working in the city, I used to wish that I could at least spend the weekends somewhere far away from the stressful life in the big city. A place where I can just sit back, relax and enjoy the day doing nothing but enjoying my surroundings. The angels in heaven [somehow] heard and granted my wishes;  I was given too many days away from the city. These days, I look forward to spending a day or two in city almost every week. Guess this is what we call ‘life’ 🙂

My lifestyle now is entirely different from what I’m used to. I crave for the chaotic life in the city now; I miss the rush hour traffic, the noise, coffee time with friends or even alone, and those times that I used to wander around the malls before heading home after work.  Now, it feels a bit refreshing and relaxing to be away from the big trees [even for a day] and the birds chirping almost non
stop at night. I guess too much of something is not always that great.

 One Saturday afternoon, I packed my stuff for an overnight stay in the city to experience the modern civilization again. First stop of course was the mall. I like to just wander around and somehow torture myself every time I see a really nice
handbag that is out of my budget.  I didn’t buy anything that particular Saturday. We just headed to the restaurant for dinner then to the ice cream shop for a big scoop of gelato, which gave me tonsillitis the day after.  I didn’t want to go back
to my hotel early as I was trying to maximize my time in the city so I convinced my friend to go for a drink somewhere. We decided to go to the hotel nearby for a glass of cocktail but we ended up hotel-hopping that night; for drinks and coffee. And yes, it was business and pleasure as usual as I had to do a little work when I got back to my hotel.  It was a fun Saturday night indeed.

I was not able to take some photos of the colorful gelato and the sinful dinner and I also forgot to take some Mariott photos. Such a shame.

Cosmopolitan at Marco Polo
Durian flavored coffee at Waterfornt Hotel

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