A Day of Sleeping and Old Movies

The most awaited weekend getaway at the beach turned out to be a whole day stay inside a hotel room sleeping and watching old movies.

I’ve been wanting to go to the beach since I transferred (temporary) residence but I kept delaying it due  hectic work schedule.   About 3 weeks ago, I finally decided that I wanted and needed a short break.  I invited a few friends to come over so we could hangout over the weekend and have a day or two at beach. Unfortunately most of them couldn’t make it due to some reasons; there were only two who made it, a friend and her boyfriend.

I was feeling really excited about this three-day break; finally I was going to the beach.  It was Saturday morning, the day when we were scheduled to enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea.  I woke up a bit early and  dragged myself to the bathroom. Just when I was almost ready to go, something happened, something that stopped me from going out. It forced me to cancel that  long awaited day at the beach, it forced me to stay inside my hotel room; sleeping for long hours, watching tv, dehydrating myself  and eating nothing but crackers. Yes, I had  diarrhoea 😦

The following day was a little better, so I decided to tag  along with them. We had a nice lunch and a quick trip to the Taoist temple. I can’t believe I ‘ve been here quite long yet never been to this famous temple.

… to be continued

The Taoist Temple

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