Hinulawan Festival 2011

One of the best parts of working away from home is having the chance to travel around the area and to see things that we don’t normally see in our hometowns. It’s like travelling while working, and I can say that I’m loving it.

The Festival Queen

I had a scheduled trip to Manila last Saturday but I had to cancel it as I got invited by friends to attend the yearly festival called Hinulawan. The festival is being celebrated every 12th day of June in honor of the city’s patron saint, St. John of  Sahagun. The festival highlights the four golden features of the city: Golden Friendship, Golden Treasure, Golden Faith and Golden  Harvest.

A sea of people gathered around the city’s main plaza to witness the elaborate dancing competition, showcasing different cultural dances that depict the lives of the people, from past to present.  The participants were the students representing their respective schools and towns. I can imagine how difficult it was to produce such remarkable performances. Unfortunately I can’t upload too much photos here, so I just uploaded the photos of the Festival Queen candidates, just to give you an idea how elaborate their costumes were, not to mention heavy. It was amazing how they were able to dance gracefully for hours , under the sun, in those costumes.

I don’t regret not going  home to Manila, this type of event is something that I don’t see in the city.



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