A Little Bit of Adventure

Finding a new job away from home was one of my new year’s resolution for 2011.  I know that working away from home will give  me opportunities to travel, meet new people and experience new culture.

So, when I landed a new job somewhere in the southern part of the country, it was like a mixture of excitement and a bit of fear as I didn’t have a slightest idea what it was going to be like. All I knew was that I like the job and I like to travel.

Fast forward to May 15th,  everything seems to be challenging and exciting. Work schedule is really hectic; in short I’ve never been away on a holiday since I started working here. I know I came here for work and for beach holidays but it would be great if I could somehow unwind and enjoy the white sand beaches and clear waters not too far from home, I mean my temporary home. Sometimes it gets really confusing now when I say ‘home’;  I don’t know where home is anymore,  maybe I need to sort that out real soon.  

Living and working in a place where it takes approximately 1.5 hour-drive to sip a nice cup of coffee and to satisfy my not-so-sweet-tooth with  a slice of blueberry cheesecake  is something not usual for a woman who spent the majority of her years in the big city. But I guess I’m one of the few souls who always seek adventures and excitements in daily life.  I want to say  that what I am now is the other half of me but I have not and will not abandon the other half  no matter what. I just want to enjoy and explore life while I still can.

The photos below were taken this afternoon. There’s a beautiful garden outside so I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. I decided to stay home and bond with nature as there is a hectic work day waiting for me  tomorrow.



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