It’s a Different World

It’s been nearly two years now since I started thinking of finding a job somewhere far away from home. I can’t remember now how it all started, all I know is that I wanted to travel and work at the same time. I’ve never worked away from the country’s business district since I started working [apart from the 2-month work assignment in California] and it was getting boring already.

When  the year started, I started thinking of going away somewhere near or far. I was feeling restless, bored, sad, fed up. I don’t know how to explain it but I felt like I had too much of every negative emotion. 

One day I finally made up my mind and told myself that I got to do something. The first thing I did was to update my CV. Yes, I got to get a new job and  that was my ultimate goal. A new job that would break the monotony of my daily life. So, I went to work one morning with a firm decision of quitting my 5.5-year job. That day, I didn’t even have a slightest idea where I would go.  I was like, “this is it, it’s now or next year”, but I couldn’t wait for another year anymore. I was very hopeful that the 30-day notice would be enough for me to find a new job, besides there are thousands and thousands of online jobs. I felt like the courage and determination were really soaring high those days, I’ve never done it before, quitting my job without an assurance of getting a new one real soon.

One early Wednesday morning, I found myself on a window seat, admiring those white sand beaches from above and feeling all excited to see my new workplace. Yes, I landed a new job two weeks after a quit my job in the financial industry; and it is far away from home, not that far anyway, it’s just about an hour 15 mins flight from where I used to work.  These days, everything is extremely different from the daily routine in the business district, but I like what I have and what I’m doing now.

Life is full of adventures, we just have to go and find them.

 The photos below were taken  about three months ago.

View from my window



Now, here are the photos taken from inside the house…. my new adventure, I mean work 🙂

view from my window


Sorry about the image quality, they were taken from inside the house, closed windows 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s a Different World”

  1. Hey Wandering Lass! Congratulations on your new job and on the new adventures awaiting you 🙂 You wanted things to change and you went out and did just that. Bravo! (Where are you now? Hehe. Any hints?)

    1. Does dried mango count as a hint? 🙂 So many places to visit here but I can’t go away yet as work schedule is really hectic. Hopefully I can wander around soon. Bantayan is waiting for me 🙂

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