It’s Almost Summer

It’s that time of the year again when most girls are busy shedding off those extra pounds and trimming down extra inches around the waist. Summer time is almost here and I can already imagine the scent of the ocean, the sand and the clear blues water. The beach is simply one the best places where I feel more relaxed, the place where life seems to be naturally simple and worry free.

This is the kind of scenery that I want to see every morning.

Yesterday, we had a short trip to Zambales in search for a summer outing destination. We visited a few resorts and there was one place that made most of us say “I already like it here” the moment we got off the car. 

Family accommodation

The resort offers several types of accommodation. Beach-front and pool side rooms are also available.

I don’t mind living here even when summer is over. I can imagine myself waking up in the morning all relaxed, enjoying the breathtaking view while having a nice cup of coffee. If only life was that easy. If only I didn’t have to endure the reality of life in the city.

I wish I could live there longer.


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