Motorcycle Anyone?

Whenever I think of Vietnam, the first thing that comes to mind is motorcycle. It was in Vietnam where I first saw hundreds and hundreds of motorcycles on the road, and they are literally everywhere. I guess ladies in evening dresses and matching high heels riding/driving  motorbikes is not something I normally see around here, I wish I took a few photos.

On our second day at the beach, we decided to rent a motorbike/scooter so we can explore Nha Trang.  The rules were not too strict as they let us go without helmets and they didn’t even ask for a collateral, we just paid the whole day rent and we’re off.


The main road was about a few kilometers long and we drove from the center towards end of the road then drove back until we reached the other end. After we finished riding on the main road, we tried driving  on the market areas. It was kind of tricky,  people seemed to cross the street freely, anywhere and anytime as if there were no vehicles on the road. I must admit, we got lost several times and it was sort of my fault as I was the one in charge of the map. I was busy taking photos and sight-seeing and I forgot that I was supposed to take charge of the direction.  After driving back and forth  three or four times, we finally found our way and it was a big relief to get out of the market area.

This photo was taken along the way – near the fishing village.


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