More Sun Photos

I don’t like early mornings but there was one morning when I was more than happy and excited to get up at around 5am . I was not in the comfort of my bedroom then, I was on board a ferry heading somewhere in the south. It was nearly 5am when I woke up; I forced myself up, grabbed my camera and headed to the roofdeck all sleepy and cold. And here’s what I found.

I waited patiently, together with other passengers who were all holding their cameras. We were all waiting for the sun to shine.

It was worth getting up at 5am.  I wouldn’t have captured it if I was home. Well, I don’t get up at 5am to go the beach to wait for sunrise when I’m home [at my parents’ place], when in fact, our house is just a minute walk from the beach 🙂

Now, I’m glad I forced myself to get up early that day. That was the only chance I got to photograph sunrise. Maybe I should try it again when I’m home next time.

I was onboard that ferry for nearly 36 hours. At first I was thinking of flying as I was a bit scared, never been on a ferry for more than 2 hours before that trip, but with a lot of convincing from my friends, I finally gave in. I was telling myself that it could be a great experience, and I was right.  That week-long holiday was very memorable, It was then when I first fell inlove with traveling. ~N~


4 thoughts on “More Sun Photos”

  1. Wow, kudos to you for getting up 5am! That would certainly be a feat for me. These pictures are stunning! I never knew the Philippine dawns looked like that (then again, I never woke up early enough to see it breaking.) Thanks for liking my post, btw.


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