Things have been really crazy these past few weeks; day job, part-time job, new [small] business venture, new hobbies etc. I used to wish for some more interesting stuff to do on top of my full-time day job, and now that I got them I feel like I’m really exhausted already.  I like what I’m doing, it’s just that I’m overdoing it  I think.  Good thing I’m off to the beach tomorrow for a post birthday celebration, and of course bonding time with a bunch of good friends.

Early this year, I finally decided to start writing my travel memoir in a form of a coffee table book and I planned to finish it before the year ends. Unfortunately, there were so many distractions along the way and I decided to take a break. Well, I hope I can start working on it again by January.

 Here are the sample photos that will appear on the book under Mongolia section.

Mongolian countryside

It was such a long and tiring road(less) trip to Gobi desert. We decided to have a quick stop over after traveling (from UB)  for about  four hours. The Mongolian countryside looks amazing  under the bluest sky,  with all those green pea-like plants and wild animals all over the place.

Mongolian countryside

One thought on “Teasers”

  1. Whoa! You’ve actually been to two of my dream destinations: Mongolia and Laos! Ang galing naman! I’m enjoying reading your posts. Parang nakapasyal na rin ako dun 🙂

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