Another Dream Holiday

I remember dreaming of going to Maldives for so many years. The sunny side of life has always been on my dream holiday wish list. About 3 years ago, this dream finally came true when X booked a Maldives holiday for my birthday celebration. The tranquility, luxury and privacy were just perfect. The crystal clear water, the long stretch of white sand beach, swimming with the school fish  and the amazing view of the fish and corals from our very  own private sun deck were just among the amazing things that made that holiday something to be remembered for the longest time.

the sunny sie of life


Well, since my old dream holiday had turned into reality, I  have a new dream holiday destination again, the Caribbean.  Today, after finishing the article that I’ve been working on for a few days, a Caribbean holiday just made it to my dream holiday list.  I guess writing about island hotels in the Caribbean gave me a bit of a torture as I don’t think I can make this holiday happen in the very near future; the writing per se was enjoyable though, I enjoyed writing about that particular topic.

The photo below was taken from Wikipedia

Caribbean beach

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