Another Off-work Day

Waking up a bit earlier than usual (when I’m off work) is a little frustrating.  Since today is my last off-work day, I figured out that I need to go out.  I feel like there’s so much to do with so little time. I want to watch a movie, go grocery shopping, go shopping for work clothes and maybe a pair of nice shoes, and a handbag… then suddenly I realized that I’ve already reached my so-called bag-quota for this year.  I’ve convinced myself  not to buy one until next year, which is not that long anyway but  it is so frustrating.  I will just remind myself that I need to save up for my next holiday. Yes, I prefer going on a trip in some remote and exotic  places over a couple of hand bags.

With all that to-do list, I ended up sitting in front of my laptop and surfing for online job postings 🙂  then I realized I still have to finish the Palawan post series and I still need to do research for the articles that I’m going to write this week.  I used to complain about not having anything  [productive] to do beyond the usual office hours, but now I’ve got loads to do and I feel like I don’t have that much time. 🙂


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