Batu Caves

The Batu Caves are located thirteen kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and consist of three main caves and a few smaller ones. They are the Hindu’s sacred place in Malaysia. Visitors have to climb up the steep 272 steps to get to the inner chambers of the caves.  A statue of a Hindu deity, Murugan, is standing outside tha cave. It is said to be the tallest Murugan statue in the world at 42.7 meters and costs approximately 24M Rupees.    

Getting to the Batu Caves took us two train rides and  hundreds of meters of walking, at one point I thought we got lost while finding our way to the next train station but fortunately we were on the right track.  In between waiting moments at the train station, we posed for a few snapshots and to showcase the MTG shirts. Unfortunately I forgot to bring mine, the Platinum Angel didnt get the chance to wander around KL.      


It was around noontime when we got to the Batu Caves and walking around under the scorching heat gave me migraine that’s why I decided to give up climbing the 272 steps.  I took  a few photos and posed for some and just stayed behind together with three others and waited for the rest to return.       

The scene that will greet the visitors upon getting out of the train station


 Upon seeing the steep stairway, I instantly decided to give up seeing the inside of the caves. I wouldnt mind the 270++ steps if it was not under the scorching heat. I’ve done 400++ steps in Laos and it wasnt that hard.     



The photo below was taken by a friend.      

Inside the cave


While half of the group were exploring the caves, we retreated to the Indian eatery to hide from the sun. We ordered ice cream so we could stay a little longer while waiting for the rest. It made us smell like curry but at least the headache didnt get worse.


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