China Town in Kuala Lumpur

The recent short trip to Malaysia was my first overseas trip this year. I had a really great time bonding with friends while exploring KL and other places.  

Our first night in KL was spent wandering around the city. First stop was China town, since everybody was feeling really hungry already, we decided to grab a quick dinner first and sample some chinese cuisine in Malaysia. When I saw the place, I was like..  “I cannot gamble this time, I don’t want to spend my holiday with upset stomach.”  I was actually starving already but decided not to get too adventurous that time.  

china town buffet


The food was really cheap, I think it was like USD2 for a complete meal and travelers seem to enjoy the food. I was the only one in my group who didnt try it.  I walked around the area in search for my dinner but there was no luck. I didn’t find anything that looked safe for my stomach.   

China Town in KL


china town


I just ordered a can of coke, waited for them to finish their meal  and took a few photos. We left China town after dinner and headed to the to business district. KL  traffic was really bad on a Friday night so we just walked for like eternity to me. I felt like I lost thousands of calories, I was thinking of food while walking  that’s why I didn’t notice that I’ve walked 2km already.  I felt relieved when we reached the area that looked “safe-to-eat” but the thought of me dining alone when in fact I wasnt traveling alone didnt seem interesting at all but I was feeling really tired thirsty and hungry already. Fortunately when reached the mall, I found a place where I can eat alone. The place that looked safe and a place that I’m really familiar with.   


I got myself a venti dark mocha frappuccino and an almond-topped donut from a pastry shop nearby.  While traveling, my rule has always been….  When in doubt, go to Starbucks, if there’s one in the area 🙂  And yes, I was successful! I was able to come home without any hint of diarrhea 🙂


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